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As such, we’ll go through some of the biggest markets for sports betting - in Africa and talk about them all separately. Of course, additional information can be found on the separate page for the country in question.🇳🇬 - Is online sports betting legal in Nigeria?The situation when it comes to online sports betting - - in Nigeria is a bit unclear at best. Technically, almost all forms of gambling are banned in the country, unless given specific - Additionally, the operators are not the only ones that can face consequences - - for breaking - the law: those who use unlicensed gambling services - can be forced to pay a small fee.However, online punters - across Nigeria - are not concerned - - https://www.radiant-ro - with this law.68.104 - Theoretically, yes - you could get fined for betting with an offshore betting company, even a trusted world-class - On the other hand, Nigeria is the biggest sports betting market - in Africa, and no-one ever actually got fined for this.As such, as long as you’re using a respectable betting - - https://dev.library - site, you’re good to go. If you’re still concerned, there are plenty of options among local, Nigeria-licenced sportsbooks - such as Bet9ja and NairaBet - - Betting Sites - - in NigeriaWelcome Offer 100% up to ₦100.000Welcome Offer 100% up to ₦50.00050% First Deposit Bonus - - up to ₦20.000Welcome Offer 100% up to ₦111.000Welcome Offer 100% up to ₦100.000Welcome Offer 125% up to ₦100.000Welcome Offer 100% up to $30Welcome Offer 100% up to ₦100.000Daily bonuses and freespinsGreat betting site in Nigeria🇰🇪 - Is online sports betting legal in Kenya?According to the Betting Lotteries and Gaming Act of 1966, all sportsbooks - that possess a licence issued by the Betting Control and Licensing Board - can operate legally in the country. This license extends to both regular betting shops and online betting - in Kenya.However, the issue is that these licenses are only issued to gambling companies - - based in - This means that a lot of the world’s biggest firms - - and sites are, technically, not legal to bet with. However, Kenya has a huge of sports bettors, many of whom chose international companies. As far as we know, no-one ever got in trouble for betting with a company that was not licenced - specifically in Kenya. Most sportsbook gladly - accepts Kenyan - - customers as well, so there is no real reason to worry either way.Top Betting Sites - https://http// - https://http// in KenyaWelcome Offer 100% up to 15.000 - -
Welcome Offer 50% up to 5000 KShWelcome Offer 100% up to 11.200 KShWelcome Offer 125% up to 10.000 KShWelcome Offer 100% up to $30Welcome Offer 200% up to 10.000 KShGreat betting site in KenyaDaily bonuses and freespins🇬🇭 Is online sports - betting legal in Ghana?Gambling in Ghana is regulated by the 2006 Gaming Act. According to this legislation, all gambling service providers need to be licenced by the Ghana Gaming Commission, and all customers - - https://www.startpage - must be older than 18. By and large, sports betting is perfectly legal for residents - - of Ghana.However, the law does not properly extend - - to online gambling companies. As a result, operators can operate freely within the country, even without a current licence and paying taxes. That is why we urge Ghanaian players to be even more careful - - about who they trust their money with. Make sure to check with us so you can be sure you’re using only trustworthy, respected - - Ghanian betting - - https://errandboyltd - sites.Top Betting Sites - - in GhanaWelcome Offer 200% up to $100Welcome Offer 50% up to GHS 200Welcome Offer 100% up to $100
Welcome Offer 125% up to GH₵500Welcome Offer 100% up to $30Welcome Offer 100% up to $100Great betting site in Ghana
Daily bonuses and freespins🇿🇦 - Is online sports betting legal - in South Africa?South Africa - - has the most defined - - regulations among all African countries when it comes to online gambling - Gambling - - https://sflab.snu - is legal but heavily regulated - As such, there is a strict set of rules, and breaking - - them can result in legal repercussions - - - http://simson-wiki -
As such, you must always use licenced bookmakers - in South Africa. Luckily, there’s still plenty of options: some of the biggest names in the industry - - are fully licenced by the South African - National Gambling Board.Top Betting Sites - - in South AfricaWelcome Offer 130% up to 1500 ZARWelcome Offer 100% up to R2,000R25 Sign Up Bet.Welcome Offer 100% up to 2.000 ZARWelcome Offer 100% up to 1500 ZAR🇺🇬 Is online sports betting legal in Uganda?According to legislation from 2013, online gambling - is completely legal in Uganda. The only difference to most other places is that the age limit - - https://www.pinterest - is set to 25.144.108 - Again, betting - - https://blog.therichbabe - sites in Uganda require a licence - - by the authorities to operate legally - - to other African - countries, sportsbooks based - - abroad are usually not licenced but still operate without any problems. If that doesn’t sit well with you, you still have a choice of around 40 fully licenced and legal Ugandan - bookmakers.Top Betting Sites - - in UgandaWelcome Offer 100% up to 500,000 UGXUSh 200,000 bonus in Free Bets
Welcome Offer 100% up to 500,000 - -
Welcome Offer 125% up to 500,000 UGXWelcome Offer 100% up to $30Welcome Offer 100% up to €130Great betting - - site in UgandaDaily bonuses - - and freespins-
-🇹🇿 Is online sports betting legal - in Tanzania?Tanzania’s law is also fairly clear and even has updated legislation - - http://universal.altervista - for online gambling - - which was passed in 2012. Online gambling - - https://www.streakgaming - in all forms is legal for operators - - who obtain a licence from the Gaming Board -, very few online bookmakers in Tanzania possess such a licence. Many of the biggest sportsbooks technically operate illegally, because companies based abroad are almost impossible to be punished by the authorities. Luckily, this doesn’t affect players too much, as customers can’t be punished.

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